Piet Paris, monograph for ArtEZ Press, The Design Series
I see Piet Paris' illustrations as prints from old fashioned picture books. They are handmade, and have an old fashion feel to them, yet they are very modern. I immersed myself in old picture books and came across a number of recognizable and returning graphical elements. One of them was the framework. This element is then combined with the 'line'. These together are used in a very diverse and layered design. The thickness of these lines may vary. I found it a challenge to get an interesting rhythm between thick and thin, black and white.


Anna-Nicole Ziesche, monograph for ArtEZ Press, The Design Series
For this design I went back to the start of Anna-Nicole’s concepts, which always involves the body and shapes of it as a canvas in some kind of way. I tried to translate this idea into a simple and clean design, where the type plays a role as a very abstract body form. By using skin tone as a canvas for the text parts, you feel the connection, but it is not too obvious. By using hierarchy in colour and size and placing of type – sometimes centered, sometimes mirrored, sometimes more strict – a nice rhythm arises throughout the book, very much connected to the work of Anna-Nicole.

published by ArtEZ Press and The University of the Arts, London

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